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Meet Lannie

Lannie Battistini was born (Landin K. Battistini) in San Juan, Puerto Rico to a 3rd generation Spanish-Italian father and a New Jersey American-Italian mother. 


From the age of 5, Lannie’s love for music was already developing, and he would repeat the melodies he heard  on a small piano his grandmother gifted him with; from then on, he would play by ear what ever he heard on the radio.  From that point, he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of this life and nothing else seemed to matter except his passion for music and his piano. He learned to play anything he could find with keys, like their Church's organ or his neighbor's Accordion. So his life’s journey as a musician began. 

In a house always filled with music—from opera classics to pop music, Lannie felt connected to his piano, a gift that honed his own gift. By the age of 15, having never taken one formal music lesson, his mother was booking him and his band all around Puerto Rico for private events in hotels, civic centers, and corporate events. At 19, he was accepted into the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and by 23, he graduated in Arranging and Compositions with a minor in Film Scoring with the piano as his primary instrument and inspiration.  A few years later he went to Full Sail University in Orlando, FL to study Productions in a digital age.  

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"One of the most rewarding things about my career is giving back.  I love working with new artists with their dreams and teaching my music students.  My reward is to see them achieve their goals, one soul at a time." —Lannie

Following his proud Latin heritage, Lannie developed his own eclectic style in his arrangements that blended Jazz with Latin rhythms, and sometimes even with other music genres. His original compositions highlights his multi-instrumentalist skills and unique sounds. In the beginning of his career, Lannie was first known as a performing Pop/Jazz artist, while later on, he became recognized among his peers as a talented and well-seasoned arranger, composer and producer. 


For a while, he lived in Los Angeles, where he was involved in productions with Kenny Passarelli, lead bassist for Elton John. During his time in LA, Lannie was part of the production team as band director at Acid Jazz Records. In 1994 he became one of the composers for the label. His first studio opened: LKB Music in Miami Florida. From 1985-1995, Lannie dedicated most of his time as a producer for independent recording artists, while simultaneously writing and composing original jingles for major ad agencies. 

From late 1998 - 2000 Lannie toured worldwide with iconic Latin Pop Artist, 2x GRAMMY Award® winner, 2x Latin GRAMMY Award® winner, and 3x Platinum Recording artist Olga Tañon. While touring with the band they won a GRAMMY AWARD® for "Best Merengue Album" in 2000 and a Latin GRAMMY AWARD® Nomination in 2001 for the same album,  Viva Olga, Olga Viva. This album went Platinum and was on the top Billboard® charts for eight straight weeks. The album was recorded LIVE at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL.​

In 1998, he reinvented himself and opened his current business Hands In Motion Music Productions & Marketing - a three-tier company that includes an independent music label, a Music School, and a full-service marketing agency - all geared toward the aspiring musician. Lannie personally oversees the Music School and is the master producer at the recording studio. He enjoys above all coaching new artists and fostering their creative potential. In his 30+ years as a arranger, composer & producer he has worked with 80+ independent recording artists. Lannie has well-established his craft as his legacy. Since 2005, he has headquartered his business in Brandon, Florida, where he now lives with his wife and co-owner/Marketing Director, Neysa Rodriguez-Battistini.

lannie battistini grammy winner

In 2019, Lannie became a Latin GRAMMY® Winner as Producer for the album Buenos Diaz by The Lucky Band (Lucky Diaz). The same year, he earned a Silver Medal from the Global Music Awards (GMAs) as a composer/arranger and for his latest album Moving On. The album also earned recognition as one of the GMAs Top 10 Albums of Fall 2019.

Despite his busy production schedule, Lannie finds his way back to the stage, regularly accepting live engagements to reconnect with his performing roots and his fans. Along with the music production and performing, he continues to teach at his school on a regular basis master piano classes and commercialized vocal coaching for those interested in a music and performance career. When all is said and done, Lannie has never taken his gifts for granted, as he knows they only come from his Creator, flowing through his fingertips—also making him one of the happiest guys you will ever meet. 

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