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Artist in Residence

Lannie began his journey as an artist-in-residence in 2023. This opportunity was initiated by his good friend and brother in music,

Dr. Jose Valentino Ruiz, Ph.D., DMin, Program Coordinator for the Music Business & Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida (visit his website at


These Residencies at Universities and Colleges allow him to collaborate with the students, faculty, and community to engage in various musical activities such as live performances, concerts, workshops, lectures, and masterclasses. 


One of the most fulfilling phases of Lannie’s musical life is working closely with music students, offering mentorship, guidance, and specialized instruction, sharing original arrangements/compositions, and partaking in collaborative projects. (Also see where Lannie owns and operates together with his production company


His goal of being part of such an amazing program is to enrich the educational experience of students and provide them with unique learning opportunities, foster a deeper appreciation for music within the university community, and compose new works in his specific area of expertise as a multi-genre arranger/composer and Jazz Pianist. He desires that the students he shares with will gain new insights into the music industry and explore different musical perspectives and techniques.

“This has enriched my life in such a meaningful way.  The fact that I can collaborate with brilliant music faculty by sharing and exchanging, fostering artistic growth with students, inspiring and being inspired creatively, and nurturing a vibrant musical community is definitely the pinnacle of my Artistic and Music Entrepreneurship career as I’ve known it.
- Lannie Battistini


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