Lannie performs with nothing less than his heart and his soul. His performances either as a solo act, trio or his full band consisting of talented musicians, "Hands In Motion Jazz Ensemble" are known for their lively energy, happy tunes and inspiring sounds. The eclectic style musical arrangements entice any music lover. 

His virtuosity has been known to make his fans gasp, as he belts over the keys with precision, speed, and passion. One of his entertaining moves is his dual-performing by playing left hand bass while accompanying the melody with his right hand at times - just for the fun of it - or a playful mano-a-mano with his Bass player or Violinist during any concert and has been seen glissando with his nose from time to time. However, his music can be intense when fusing his neoclassical side to a Jazz tune, or while playing his heart-warming Bohemian or Bossa Nova original tunes, keeping the listener always wanting for more.  His main goal,  as he puts it, "I just want my audience to enjoy and feel the music and leave happy." 

Although the majority of his time is spent at his Recording studio and Music School, Lannie’s true passion lies in performing live for crowds, and especially his loyal fans. He captivates the most demanding audience with his sense of humor and musicality. Throughout his long and steady career, he has mastered  the fusion of several music genres with his original and standard Jazz and Latin Jazz compositions.

  • Lannie Battistini Producer Pianist A
  • Lannie Battistini Producer Pianist A
  • Lannie Battistini Producer Pianist A
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  • Lannie Battistini Producer Pianist A

Producer | Arranger | Songwriter | Pianist

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