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One of Lannie’s most asked-about services is his music arrangement. Many artists and outside clients call upon him for arrangements, transcriptions, music copying, scores, and more. 

Through his 35+ year career, he has developed an eclectic style in which he constantly finds himself inventing and creating new standards of music-making. Lannie’s arrangements become commercially accessible through his multi-instrumentalist skills that apply across various music genres. 

In particular, Lannie is known for his diverse arrangements for tropical orchestral pieces, full brass sections, contemporary orchestral instrumentation, and film scoring. His favorite genres to work with include Jazz, Latin Jazz, R&B, and Pop, but his experiences range through the music industry. If you or someone you know is looking for professional music arrangement services, contact Lannie and his team here.

Lannie Battistini standing over the grand piano looking down with one hand playing a key
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