As a veteran producer of over 35 years, Lannie understands the competitive market place within the industry and meets the high demand for innovation and authenticity. He earned his degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston, majoring in Music Arranging, Composition & Film with piano as his primary instrument.

Through his career, he has spear-headed  the  production,  composition,  and  arrangements  of  over  seventy  albums  spanning  sixteen  genres,  including  three  of  his  own  Latin  Jazz  Albums.  His  original  arrangements  are  known  for  their  powerful  fusion  of  popular mainstream  Jazz with  the  style  of  authentic,  Afro-Cuban  Latin  Jazz,  a unique  combination  that  trademarks  each  composition  as  his  own. 


With a keen ability to produce original and enticing sounds, his unmatched creativity cuts through any stale standard He doesn’t adhere to conventions, as Lannie refuses to do anything but contribute new sounds to the industry. His skills and repertoire grow with each project. 

Lannie loves to work with aspiring artists to help guide them on the road to excellence and has been lucky to work with passionate, motivated people. His love and talent for music, plus his meaningful connections to friends in the industry, have made him a firm authority in the commercial music market. 


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  • Lannie Battistini Producer Pianist A
  • Lannie Battistini Producer Pianist A
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  • Lannie Battistini Producer Pianist A

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