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"Transforming Musical Dreams in Reality: The Power of Vision and Action in Music Entrepreneurship" w/ Lannie Battistini & José Valentino

- 2023, José Valentino-Ruiz, International Journal of Music

"Vision & Action: A Way of Entrepreneurship" w/ Lannie Battistini & José Valentino

- 2023, José Valentino-Ruiz & Lannie Battistini, University of Florida Music Building

"...Lannie Battistini, known for his virtuosity on the piano, often compared to the prowess of three pianists in one. ...José Valentino...will bring his flute, saxophone and bass skills to provide unique improvisations and share unforgettable memories..."

- Article by Reilly Arts Center (2023),


"Through it all, we’ve learned the power of Love, which is the force behind what we do, and the importance of never giving up on your dreams. The road may be bumpy at times, but when you have a passion that drives you and a business partner by your side – that is relentless, you can conquer anything that comes your way when you believe!"

— Article by Canvas Rebel (2023),

"En su faceta como productor, es el artífice de sus grabaciones."

— Article by Vicente Toledo Rohena (2021) Fundación Nacional Para La

Cultura Popular

"...Playful ... Infectious ... joyous ... its subtle rhythms are always danceable. [Moving On] rewards a closer listen to the fluent pianist."

— Review by Scott Yanow, Jazz journalist/historian and contributor to DownBeat and Jazziz (2019)

"Lannie Battistini plays piano and keyboards in a warm smooth jazz meeting....mixing as he sails and grooves...keyboards make some fun funk pulsations...[Moving On] Music that slides down easy like a cool drink on a warm day." 

— George W. Harris, 

"The group designed and developed a new website, press kit, social media campaign and even the album cover and artwork for Battistini’s latest album, ‘Moving On’'..." 

— University of South Florida press release: USF Students Help Launch Grammy Winner’s Latest Studio Album (2019)

“Pianist, Arranger, Producer and Grammy Award Winner Lannie Battistini ….original arrangements are known for their powerful fusion of popular mainstream Jazz with his style of authentic, Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz rhythms which trademark each, composition.”


"Lannie is known for his eclectic style with different fusions of Latin and Afro Cuban genres among other rhythms within his Jazz arrangements..."

- Artista de Latin-Jazz, Lannie Battistini regresa a Puerto Rico para presentarse en el Heineken Jazz Festival 2017

Fotogema La Revista (2017)

"Lannie Battistini, el virtuoso del piano, complació al  público con un repertorio tropical del jazz….con exacta  cadencia para un sabroso banquete musical. "

- Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz fest Review (April 2017)

"The virtuoso of [Lannie's] piano pleased the audience with a tropical repertoire... "

- Histórico cierre del PR Heineken Jazz Fest (2017)

'Battistini improvisations throughout the album contain a perfect balance of simplicity and melodic innovation

“Motivo” is one of the most powerful and fast paced pieces on the album. Here Battistini has the opportunity to showcase his dexterity and improvisational skills. "

- Caribe Jazz Magazine - Review by Wilbert Sostre (2014)

"Pianist Lannie Battistini’s sophomore CD, “Nomenclatura”, blew me away with the swinging “Motivo”, “Jangueando”, “El Cumbanchero”, “Contemplando”, “Lady Wisdom”, “Afincando”, “Latino Blues” and his skills as a composer. This is a huge jump from his debut and -one of the finest CD’s of 2014. "

- Herencia Latina, The Latin Jazz Recordings (2014)

'The virtuoso of [Lannie's] piano pleased the audience with a tropical repertoire... "

- Los Pitchy Review of Lannie Battistini's Nomenclatura 

"[Nomenclatura] provides a great fusion of various Latin music genres which transports the listener to numerous locations within Latin America. Lannie demonstrates his skills as a singer-songwriter, pianist and composer. "

- Chip Boaz, Latin Jazz Archives (July 17, 2014 )

'Pianist Lannie Battistini’s sophomore CD, “Nomenclatura”, blew me away with the swinging “Motivo”, “Jangueando”, “El Cumbanchero”, “Contemplando”, “Lady Wisdom”, “Afincando”, “Latino Blues” and his skills as a composer."

- El Condado De La Salsa y Latin Jazz

Herencia Latina, The Latin Sound Recordings in 2014

' Well-achieved... one of our favorite songs of his, “Quiero Amarte Por Siempre,..."  

- Solar Latin Club - Review 2014

Live Interview with Primera Hora Print Press, Puerto Rico, 2011

- Lannie Battistini presenta su nueva producción 

"The pianist keeps a connection to jazz improvisation throughout the album, but never leaves the realms of commercial accessibility. . . [Battistini's album] Hands In Motion displays a broad commercial appeal that balances Latin Jazz and smooth jazz; for easy listeners in the Latin Jazz world, this release should be a goldmine"

- Chip Boaz, Latin Jazz Corner (2009) 

"In a time where there are those who are trying to cling to what works, there are those who continue to reach for the stars! Keyboardist, songwriter, producer, arranger is doing just that. He sticks to his guns. He's not one of these artists that puts out music for the sake of selling records, but for his passion, dedication, and respect for the art (especially Latin Music) and of course, Latin Jazz. "

- Al Santana:  Radio Show Host, WSJT FM Tampa (2009)

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