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Being a Music Producer: The Great, the challenge, the reward!

Being a music producer for over 35 years, is not always easy and can take me out of my comfort zone. So Loving what I do, is key and it never gets old with me! On most days I’m usually in the studio by 7:30 a.m., and I spend the rest of the day working in various projects in different genres., (Besides teaching music, productions and songwriting in our School, weeks usually over 60+ hours) Each music project I take on requires research to stay on top of the latest trends,, even if I think, "Oh man, this is slam dunk, ...dude, think again!" So, for example if my last production in R&B was over 6 months ago, I better make sure I get off my mind-set behind and rethink this, adjust, adapt, be resilient.

Its important to also keep in mind, that as a producer, I need to make sure my client is happy with my work. as well. and my production is as commercial as it gets, meaning that each genre has a following, so regardless, my production for each genre, it needs the "appeal" factor to that particular following, so that they purchase, download or stream that track or album. So if its Christian/Gospel, for example, I have to make sure that it's not only Radio broadcast/streaming worthy, but also make sure that it is church/worship worthy for the followers.

Making sure I'm up to par with the latest mixing demands , beats, etc. for radio broadcast is a demand I make on myself to stay on top of my game to never become stale. My recording artists' music has to have that edge so their final mix stands out amongst the rest. I do demand excellence from myself at all times., that I can assure you!

As a Grammy and Latin Grammy voting member and sometimes submitting my artists' music to the Grammys, (no pressure!) I treat each project as if it were for my own production. So by the time I'm done with it, that baby is ready to be heard, broadcasted, purchased and/or streamed world-wide on all music platforms!

Oh and on the flip-side, guys, trust your producer, at least one that has proven clout and experience. And if I get a pushback from an artist unwilling to change what they had in mind because I feel its outdated or just cramps the style of the genre or too busy, etc., well, - yes that is frustrating, but at the end of the day, I will have used all my skills, (including diplomacy and people skills...LOL") to flex my creativity and create music with the same passion and love I have always put into my projects.

ONE FINAL NOTE... I enjoy helping other artists develop their style to reach their full potential. One of my greatest pleasures and rewards is taking on a project from a "newbie" like a poem they wrote that they converted to original lyrics for a song and take a simple tune and creating a composition/arrangement/production from scratch and seeing the faces of my new artist light up as they hear their creation unfolding before them!

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