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Songwriting Principles: How I Write My Songs

Songwriting can bring joy and stress within the process. One of the biggest joys of songwriting is knowing you are creating something to be loved by everyone and can create lasting memories. Everyone has different methods with how they approach songwriting. Here are a few things I believe help create a beautiful piece of music.


I find inspiration in everything, everywhere. As a songwriter, the worst thing I can do is have a spur of inspiration and not write it down. Sometimes, inspiration comes to me in the shower or in the middle of a meal and I have to write it down. I will always come back to it later and work it into an existing piece or create a new one.

The Actual Process

It’s all about the orchestration of the melody. The melody of a song can be the inspiration for the lyrics. What can come to mind when you hear the beat come in or what emotions come over you as the saxophone starts to play. There is no rule that says you have to start with the melody or chord progression first. You may have your lyrics first and then begin working on the melody. A song is your masterpiece and its beginning is the first brush stroke.

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